After two seasons as the Warriors, we became a part of the Central Missouri Homeschool Saints in 2010.  We are made up of 7-12 grade young men who desire to practice and play baseball under the direction of men who not only love baseball, but above all else see their commitment to Jesus Christ as foremost.

   Focus, hustle, and a teachable spirit are essential components for a team which wants to succeed in a competitive environment.  Many of the teams we play will have more players from better funded budgets than us, but if past successes are a good indicator, we will be able to walk on the field with any other team.

   After beginning the team years ago, former head coach Brad Russell turned over the head coaching responsibilities to J.R. Smith in 2011.  J.R., having played baseball, basketball, and football through high school and baseball in his college years, saw his first season with the Saints in 2010 as assistant coach.  At the end of the 2016 season, J.R. decided to take a step back from his head coaching responsibilities.  We thank him for all of his hard work, dedication, and leadership over the years!

   Ryan Silverwood joined the team in 2016 as an assistant coach, he assumed the role of head coach in 2017 and he plans to continue in this role.  He has been coaching youth sports for 11 years.

   Mark Jones was an assistant coach for a few years while his son was on the team. Mark is now the athletic director, and does a lot of the administrative work for the team. 

   We encourage young men to always play to win, yet when all of the games are over, the W’s take a backseat to having our players become men of character and high moral standards.  What these young men become is of more value than how many W’s we have at the end of the season.